Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Dorothy Spinner Memorial Monthly Freakout Part 6

It was almost two years ago when the rumors of a new Doom Patrol series were confirmed, with the first new issue arriving in direct comic stores on September 14th, 2016, the first release of a whole new imprint that would be gradually built into a playground for provocative creators to make the most of peripheral DCU characters. Over the next fifteen months (from October 2016 to December 2017), Young Animal released twelve issues apiece of three new titles: CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE, SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL and MOTHER PANIC, four trades to compile the first six issues apiece of DP and those other three titles, plus the six-issue mini-series BUG: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER and an expanded 'director's cut' of the first Doom Patrol issue. However, they only managed to produce eight more issues of their flagship title, despite it having a head start. The three other core titles maintained monthly schedules and BUG only skipped two months, but after its third issue DOOM PATROL became approximately bi-monthly.

Since New Year's Day this year, we've seen DOOM PATROL #10 on January 24th, then a "Milk Wars" crossover special on each of the five weeks after that. During that time the second trades for each of the other three core titles were released. In the last post I noted that in addition to DP #11 being rescheduled a few more times, #12 had been officially cancelled in order to resolicit it. I also speculated that the new solicitation might be imminent since all of the pending irregularities to Young Animal's roster (the BUG mini, the trades and the crossover specials) had already shipped and only the returning monthlies and a single new mini lie ahead. I was wrong about that; neither the DC solicitations following that post nor this week's offer a new date for DP #12. But there has been news since then.

  • The release of DOOM PATROL #11 was changed from March 28 to April 4
  • The release of the second DP trade, "NADA", was changed from May 9 to May 23
  • SHADE THE CHANGING WOMAN #1 was released on March 7
  • It was officially confirmed that DP #11 was the conclusion of the "NADA" storyline, not #12, which I'm guessing most readers had already assumed
  • ETERNITY GIRL #1 was released on March 14
  • CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #1 was released on March 21
  • The release of the second DP trade, "NADA", was changed from May 23 to May 30
  • The release of DOOM PATROL #11 was changed from April 4 to April 11
  • MOTHER PANIC: GOTHAM A.D. #1 was released on March 28
  • The first full color paperback collecting Silver Age Doom Patrol stories was solicited for a July release. These stories were previously in color in pricey hardcovers and in black and white in budget paperbacks. I'll post about the specific configuration tomorrow.
This means that, in addition to the next three issues apiece of the Young Animal titles that began this month, the only other items now pending are:
  • April 11- DOOM PATROL #11
  • April 25- the BUG: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER trade paperback
  • May 30- the DOOM PATROL VOL.2 "NADA" trade paperback
  • July 25- the DOOM PATROL THE SILVER AGE VOL.1 trade paperback
There might be a DP#12 in July as well, but only if it's offered in next month's batch of solicitations. Cross your fingers.

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