Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DP09- M01 Figurine Magazine #105, #109 and #116

.....In the most recent Diamond Previews (issue 280, January 2012 for products shipping beginning in March) there is a DP-related product being offered. I hadn't previously covered licensed merchandise or other non-comics paraphernalia but with the series discontinued and Robotman's serial in My Greatest Adventure only half finished, I wanted to note something current before I dive into the older material I've been rereading for review.

.....In the 1990's DC entered into an exclusive direct market distribution deal with Diamond. I don't know if that deal is still in place or even if it has any bearing on this line of merchandise, so it may be available through other venues as well. There is an ongoing series combining original figurines of DC characters with a magazine featuring that character and unique to the package. DC Super-hero Collection Figurine Magazine #105 (cover date TBA) will feature a figurine of Elasti-woman (solicited as 'Elasti-girl'). If the prototype on page 352 is adhered to, she'll have a tiny Bumblebee standing on her expanded palm. Although the comic books being offered at this time are mostly expected to ship in March, this figurine and magazine combination is expected in June, according to Forbidden Planet.

.....Previous DP-related entries include Beast Boy (#49), Metamorpho (#59), Power Girl (#70), and Ambush Bug (#87). Scheduled for forthcoming release in England are Robotman (#109, in July) and Negative Man (#116, in September), no doubt available here soon after. That would mean that within one calendar year the original core team (minus the Chief) will become available.