Friday, February 11, 2011

Stalling for Time, But

.....I noticed that I recently had an increase in pageviews. Because I hadn't realized until a few months ago that Google gave me the means to eliminate myself from the counts, I hadn't placed too much significance on the numbers. Still, almost a third of the views are from other countries, and I know I can't possibly be re-reading myself that much, even for editing purposes. I should acknowledge that there's been an enormous influx of views from Poland, Denmark and Europe generally. Maybe they're just now getting the "Batman:Brave and the Bold" animated episodes and want a crash course in chronology. Or maybe they've enjoyed the paperbacks and have just caught on that there are hu-u-uge gaps between the Drake and Morrison, or Morrison and Giffen periods. In any event, I've just finished the Gar-continuity post (previous post), so I need to offer an incentive to wait for the list of all Mal's appearances. I found this today:

.....Hope you like it as much as I did. Hell, I just hope the link works. Do zobaczenia.