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DP08-AA Gypsy Period 2 synopsis

[Out of necessity this entry is being issued tentatively and will no doubt be subject to consistant revision as it is both the most recent prior to the current series and composed entirely of series other than a proper, nominal Doom Patrol title. Also, aside from adjunct characters Will Magnus, Faith and Metamorpho, this period was the first time previously existing established characters were brought into the team, meaning Vox and Bumblebee of the Teen Titans. Their histories prior to Infinite Crisis are covered in depth in the excellent website, but their appearances during and since are dealt with here because it is during this period that they experience the changes that lead them to Caulder and the team. A brief outline of their appearances may be posted later as an appendix to this entry, or perhaps split between here for post- Crisis appearances and DP02-XX, the Gypsy Period 1 entries, for pre- Crisis appearances.

As the current series unfolds, it may become necessary to return here and revisit events during the Five Years Of Perpetual Crisises that DC seemed to think was a brilliant idea at the time to see whether or not they are retroactively foreshadowing present story-lines or how many times a particular character has died, blinked in or out of existance, changed names, changed age, changed sexes, changed species or changed costumes. This was also a time when the most prolific periods (Original and Morrison) were completely in print in trade form. That will be covered both here and in a dedicated trade page: DP08-AT, also subject to update and revision]

.....For a quick overview of the purpose, function and notations of this section, check out the earlier entry, DP05-AB The Wilderness Years. Not all guest appearances have been confirmed and trade release dates may vary by market.

  1. Infinite Crisis Secret Files (04/06) Variations of the Doom Patrol and other DC characters appear as refractions in the damaged wall imprisoning the four pre-Crisis survivors. This story precedes Infinite Crisis but was published as it ended.
  2. Outsiders #32(03/06) Vox and Bumblebee appear.
  3. Infinite Crisis #2(01/06)- #7(06/06), Teen Titans #32(03/06) and Annual #1(04/06)
  4. Rann-Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special #1(04/06)
  5. Villains United: Infinite Crisis Special #1( /06)
  6. [R] HC Doom Patrol Archives Vol.3 Reprints Doom Patrol #98(09/65)- #105(08/06)
  7. [art.] TP Modern Masters Vol.7: John Byrne by Eric Nolen-Worthington and Jon B. Cooke, published by TwoMorrows
  8. Throughout the series 52, published weekly for one year following Infinite Crisis and explaining the events that occured between the end of that series and the "One Year Later" stories that ran in DC's regular super-hero titles at the time, there are numerous DP references. Some are crowd scene cameos, as in the first issue. Ohters are more subtle, as in Week Two when an imprisoned T.O. Morrow pins up clippings of other mad scientists who'd been recently kidnapped. One article mentions Doctor Tyme, a character who apeared only once, in a 1964 Doom Patrol story [#92(12/64)]. And yes, it is the same character, confirmed when he turns up later on Oolong Island.
  9. 52 #4(07/06)- #5(08/06)
  10. World War III #1(06/07), 52 #50(06/07), World War III #2(06/07) The new team faces Black Adam in Pisa, Italy.
  11. Teen Titans #34(05/06)- #37(08/06) "One Year Later" Kid Devil is critically injured by Plasmus and his xenophysiognomy is a challenge to conventional doctors, so the Titans turn to Caulder and the Doom Patrol in a Dayton-owned castle in Prague. At the time it felt very much like the 'pilot' for a Geoff Johns DP series because it reasserted, both visually and in dialogue, elements of DP history swept aside by the Byrne Period. It also established a new Brotherhood of Evil roster (built-in antagonists). It took the Arcudi 'from scratch' series a year to meet and defeat two villains, so this very much looked like a title that could hit the ground running, as the Morrison, Pollack and Byrne runs were all able to do.
  12. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #28(04/06) Based on the animated TV series, this introduces a version of the Patrol led by Mento rather than Caulder but which otherwise resembles the Original Period group. Because the cartoon used the classic Wolfman/Perez NTT line-up, they are introduced as Beast Boy's adoptive family. Mento being at the helm is actually consistant with the end of the in-continuity "One Year Later" story above.
  13. Batman Annual #25(05/06) Cameo flashbacks of Cliff, Rebis and Changeling.
  14. Crisis Aftermath: The Battle For Bludhaven #1(early 06/06) Opening sequence shows Cliff aiding a Gar-led Titans trying to rescue survivors before the city is cut-off.
  15. [art.] (TwoMorrows) Rough It #1(07/06) This is a magazine with a 10-page article featuring John Byrne and promoting the sister publication, Modern Masters Vol. 7 (see above).
  16. Outsiders #37(08/06)- #39(10/06) "Silver And Grey" The Brain And Mallah appear (as does Phobia in #38).
  17. Secret Six #3(09/06)- #4(10/06)
  18. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #33(09/06) Bumblebee appears, with Brain and Mallah
  19. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #34(10/06) The Doom Patrol appears
  20. [R] TP Musclebound Reprints Doom Patrol #42(03/91)- #50(12/91)
  21. [P] Justice #7(10/06)- #11(06/07) The Original Period team appears, incuding Beast Boy in #'s9-10
  22. Outsiders #40(11/06)- #43(02/07) "Mad Scientists" The Brain and Mallah appear in #'s 40-41 only.
  23. Supergirl #10(11/06) Mallah cameo, fighting Supergirl and Wondergirl.
  24. Superman #657(12/06) The Brain and Mallah have a cameo in the dystopian alternate future of 2014. In light of Final Crisis it is almost certain this story, or at least that future, won't happen.
  25. Birds Of Prey #100(01/07) Supposedly Karen Beecher (Bumblebee) makes a cameo here
  26. All-New Atom #5(01/07)- 6(02/07) The Brain and Mallah guest star. Conclusion of a 6-part story.
  27. [R] TP Magic Bus Reprints Doom Patrol #51(01/92)- #57(07/92)
  28. [juv.] Justice League Unlimited #31(05/07) Animaton-style cameos by Brain, Mallah, Warp and Plasmus.
  29. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #45(09/07)
  30. Countdown #43(07/04/09) Cliff and Beast Boy attend Bart Allen's funeral.
  31. Justice League Of America Wedding Special (11/07) and Green Arrow/ Black Canary Wedding Special (11/07) Beast Boy appears as does Phobia and Mallah. Brain and Warp also appear in the conclusion.
  32. Teen Titans #51(11/07)- #54(02/08) "The Titans of Tomorrow... Today!" Pandemic (Fever in the future?) appears.
  33. Titans East Special (01/08) Gar appears, of course, but there's also a Cliff cameo.
  34. The Brave And The Bold #8(01/08) Wally and Linda West consult Caulder about their twins.
  35. Tales Of The Sinestro Corps: Superman Prime (12/07) At times it can be hard to tell who's on who's team in these clearinghouse stories, but this issue includes not only Rita, Larry and Cliff as well as Vox and Bumblebee but Beast Boy and Metamorpho as well. (Rex had been in the B&B story above.
  36. 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen #4(01/08)- #6(03/08)
  37. Checkmate #21(02/08)- #25(06/08) Valentina Vostok returns to espionage.
  38. [R] TP Planet Love Reprints Doom Patrol #58(08/92)- #63(01/93) and Doom Force Special #1(07/92). The Special is positioned in the back, although it probably occurs as a dream at the beginning (see DP04-AA The Morrison Period synopsis).
  39. [R] HC Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 4 Reprints Doom Patrol #106(09/66)- #113(08/67)
  40. [juv.] Tiny Titans begins, frequently using child-like versions of Gar, Karen and various Brotherhood of Evil Members. Many of the entries are one or two page gag strips, some are longer and some sustain subplots in common with other stories in the same issue. Cute and often funny but definitely non-continuity and too numerous to list here.
  41. Justice League Of America #18(04/08) Caulder guests as one of many scientists in a 7pp back-up story called in to save/repair the Red Tornado. (See "Second Coming" in #'s 22-25) For some fever-brained speculation on my part regarding the significance of this cameo, there is a LiveJournal entry I posted last August: . It may be reproduced here at a later date, especially if a writer or editor decides to do a parallel plotline.
  42. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #53(05/08)
  43. [juv.] Teen Titans Go! #55(07/08)
  44. Tangent: Superman's Reign #3(07/08) This Doom Patrol is a completely unrelated group from the post- Infinite Crisis Earth 9 consisting of that world's versions of Firehawk, Star Sapphire, Rampage and at least one other member not seen here. Generally, I am not dealing with the Tangent continuity but I'm mentioning the appearance here to acknowledge it and invite input from anyone maintaining a dedicated Tangent site.
  45. Titans #2(07/08) Vox and Bumblebee appear.
  46. Teen Titans #60(08/08) Fever appears.
  47. Justice League Of America #22(08/08)- #25(11/08) "Second Coming" Caulder appears in #22 and then makes a cameo in #24.
  48. [R] HC Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 5 Reprints Doom Patrol #114(09/67)- #121(09-10/68)
  49. DC Universe: Decisions #1(early 11/08)- #(late 12/08) Cliff, Gar and Mento are among the numerous heroes who debate whether publicly commenting on political matters is an abuse of power or a responsibility as public figures and heroes.
  50. Terror Titans #1(12/08) Fever dies(?).
  51. Final Crisis #1(07/08)- #7(03/09) Cliff may or may not be at the back of a crowd in #3(09/08), page 18. The character's head isn't visible, but about this time Cliff briefly had a diamond shaped lens on his chest-camera similar to the one here. Valentina Vostok appears in bandages and red DP uniform in #4(11/08) page 6. A portrait of Cliff is on page 13. That's about it (although strangely, Steve Gerber's Omega the Unknown appear as an alternate-Earth Superman in #7(03/09), page 26, below Captain Marvel's elbow).
  52. Ambush Bug: Year None #3(11/08) Fleming and Giffen give us a cock-eyed take on several recent Crisis Events and Cliff has a cameo at Conner Kent's death scene from Infinite Crisis.
  53. Final Crisis: Resist #1(12/08) Valentina Vostok appears here, presumably prior to her scene in #3 of the core mini-series (above).
  54. Trinity #28/Dec.10(02/09) Both Larry and Val (?) appear in the second story.
  55. Trinity #29/Dec.17(02/09) Cliff appears in the second story.
  56. Trinity #39/Feb.25(04/09)
  57. [R] TP Showcase Presents Doom Patrol Vol. 1
  58. [juv.] Batman: The Brave And The Bold #7(09/09)

.....To quote the Beatles, "I got blisters on my fingers!"

.....Some of DC's September titles included a 5-page preview of the new Giffen Doom Patrol series, which is the current series as of this writing. There will a place-holder for that period with some token information and individual entries should follow.