Friday, April 30, 2010

Your Call Is Important To Us

.....If anybody is waiting for the reviews to Showcase #'s95 & 96 I promised about a month or so ago, I'm sorry that I've put them off up to this point. The review for #95 has already been rewritten once and "it's about to be writ again", to quote David Bowie. I've recently acquired a sizable number of like-period comics and , sure enough, I found bits in them that come to bear on what I'm writing. Don't worry, this will not become the Scorpio Rose of blogs. (Google it.) I just need to expand my notes. I'm also haven't eliminated the possibility of books or fanzines that I thought were lost emerging from a storage center. There may also be more old reading copies from a source I haven't got to yet. Cross your fingers.

.....In the meantime, if you were not already aware of it, there is a throwaway blog that I have been maintaining daily since New Year's Day. It's really just my way of forcing myself to sit in front of the computer, something that I realized I needed after missing a number of self-imposed deadlines last year for far less legitimate reasons. The link is at the bottom of the list of links to the left of this column. The theme is to write a joke a day. Some are old favorites of mine and some are original, but nothing is simply cut-and-pasted from other sources. The point of doing it is to require me to be mentally engaged, even if that means just retelling a chestnut in my own words. As of today there are 120. Some are even family friendly. Consult your physician. Check them out when there's nothing new here. If you start from the beginning and read a week's worth every day, the new review might be ready by the time you're done. It's called, "You're Welcome".