Sunday, October 30, 2016

Link Sausage 2016

With the new DOOM PATROL series and Young Animal imprint there's probably going to be more traffic here, so before I shake out the cobwebs I want to acknowledge some blogs who post more then once a year.

Today there was a DP appearance in the cover mash-up blog, Super-Team Family (whose previous incarnations were wish-list covers for Marvel Two-In-One and Brave And The Bold). You could spend days going through its enormous back catalog of posts featuring imagined meetings between characters often separated by publishers. A page with all the posts tagged for the Doom Patrol is here:

Super-Team Family

I've been enjoying the podcast Waiting for Doom, which had been created to have something extant while DP fans were waiting for a new series. Now that there is a new series, there was some anxiety that the podcast would founder without a purpose but it's been insightful and funny as always with the bonus of being situated better than anyone else to assess the new series. It's here (check out their archive):

Waiting For Doom

Providing graphic counterpart to Waiting For Doom is the simply called "Doom Patrol" but which is better known by its URL, "MyGreatestAdventure80":

My Greatest Adventure 80

Hosted by Doug, MGA80 was up and running before this blog started. It never really went away, but its posts became few and far between during the DP-deficient New52 period. There were some other fan sites still out there that have been inert even linger than this one. "Doompedia" hasn't posted since 2011 and the podcast "Doom Podtrol" hasn't posted since 2013. It's too early yet to know if the new series will renew the interests of their respective hosts, so I'm going to leave up any existing links on this blog to theirs but I'm unlikely to specifically refer to them in new posts.

Friday, February 12, 2016

DP on TV?

.....This evening (February 11th, 2016) on the CW network's "Legends Of Tomorrow" the character Valentina Vostok was introduced in a story that takes place in 1986. It's a two-parter and she comes across as a villain in part one so it may take until next week to know where this is going. If you want a crash course on how she was introduced in the comics, I gave a way-too wordy review of that three issue arc of Showcase #'s 94-96 a few years ago, but gave a bit more attention to Val in a post on the issue that focused on her specifically. It's here: