Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Technical difficulties, please stand by

.....I'd like to apologize to any regular readers about the delay in posting, although this (unlike some previous delays) can't be attributed to my personal lethargy or shifting priorities. My hard drive blew and I'm only able to write this due to public library access. It may be the end of August before repairs or replacement are possible. On the plus side I am hand writing a back log of material and re-editing it before I transcribe to the blog. I am also updating unconfirmed appearances for the period overview entries. Confirmed appearances will be listed in the comments section for now until there are sufficient revisions to warrant a revised entry.
.....Our library (wisely) limits computer time to meet the considerable demand. I have also been spending some of the allocated time to maintain personal correspondance. For now, if you're new to the blog, enjoy the backlog and take advantage of the links. I'll update when possible.