Saturday, May 29, 2010

LGC expands in June

.....LGC: Doom Patrol will be ending its research sabbatical on June 1st with what I hope will be regular weekly postings. In addition to reviews of the three Showcase issues there will be supplementary articles on contemporary titles and dummy place-holders for Supergirl stories I haven't acquired. I will also have to provide some kind of essay explaining the post-CRISIS rationale for retroactively rewriting these stories to feature Power Girl in Supergirl's place.

.....Although I will continue to maintain a link to the currently suspended joke-a-day blog "You're Welcome", I'm going to add a second LGC blog to the links on the left. Unlike LGC: Doom Patrol, the research for most of this was done fifteen years ago, enabling me to do a modicum of updating to post daily. It's been up and running since May 25th. The focus is music, or more accurately recordings, rather than comics. It otherwise tries to go into detail and provide supplementary links or other reference leads. It's called "So, What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?" (and, yes, I know that's grammatically incorrect) and found here:

.....In the meantime, alternating with the DP reviews there will be lateral looks at Metal Men, Challengers of the Unknown, Teen Titans, and DC's attempt, under Jenette Kahn, to utilize their 1960's properties. Now all I have to do is write all of that.