Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Five Years (Stuck On My Eyes)

Pushing through the market square...

.....It's just a few weeks until this blog's fifth anniversary, at which point I had thought I'd be wrapping it up. Not only is life "what happens when you're making other plans", apparently it happens even after you've made them. Every time I get a notion to add something I hold off, thinking that with just a little more research I could make it more whole, more complete, closer to perfect (what the hell, let's just say "closer to fine" and make every sentence paraphrase a rock song).

.....Any of you who've bumped into me commenting elsewhere in the comics 'blogosphere' (is it a sphere or a cube? Ooh, ooh-- let's make it a dodecahedron! I think it's the largest regular polygon solid and-- bonus-- it's yet another perfectly legitimate word that triggers a Spellcheck warning. Why does that feature even exist...?) will know that I have followed many other comics besides Doom Patrol.
.....And that I go off on tangents. (I realize that I unfairly ignored it in the above digression, so my apologies to tetrahedron fans-- sonnuvabitch, I could have sworn Spellcheck would flag "tetrahedron". Huh.)

.....I've been able to find cheap reading copies that have filled holes in my collection due to a shift in the secondary market that puts a much greater distance between high and low grade copies than I've seen in my lifetime. Mint condition books go for sky high prices; low grade books go for so little that they wouldn't recoup the cost of pre-grading. 20-, 30-, even 40-year-old comics might sell for less than current comics. You sacrifice resale value, of course, but being able to finish reading story arcs I put aside decades ago has a certain gratification to it. It also has been eating up much of my spare time. It will continue to, be assured, but I am also going to recommit myself to this and, eventually, my other blogs by rationing my time, cutting back on television and being more willing to share what I've learned/found as it comes to me, perfect or not. And if I can get a handle on some basic technology I've been ignoring, oh boy, will it be imperfect.

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