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DP09-M02 The Eaglemoss Elasti-Girl (DC105)

.....The Eaglemoss Collections are ongoing series (several concurrent series) of hand painted lead figurines packaged with thin magazines devoted to the character on whom the figurine is based. Each series releases a new package fortnightly (every two weeks) in the U.K. where the magazine is printed by Headley Brothers Limited. Neither the magazine or the figurine itself indicates where the figurines are manufactured, so it may also originate in the U.K. or, as the use of lead suggests, China ("Our motto: a toxin and a smile!"). This year the three members of the classic Doom Patrol line-up (Elasti-Girl, Robotman and Negative Man) were each part of Eaglemoss' DC Comics Super-Hero Collection and the accompanying magazines fall under the purview of this blog. Each has articles about their character's history and a slew of appropriated illustrations. For this post and two more, I'll detail the sources of the illustrations for anyone who may have picked up the figure to complete the collection and wish to find more of a particular artist or read more of phase in the character's career.

.....First up is Elasti-Girl from #105 of the DC series. The figurine includes a tiny Bumblebee standing on her palm, but there is little of her in the magazine. There are no writing credits accompanying each article but the fine print credits include "Features: Stephen Wiacek" and "Editor: Sven Wilson". As for the selection of art details, that could be attributed to "Art Editor: Colin Williams" or "Iconography: Stephen Wiacek". There is no cover date for the magazine because although the packages are issued periodically it is not always sold and distributed in the same venues as periodicals. I obtained mine by placing advanced orders through my regular comic book store but you're unlikely to find them on newsstands, so the concept of a "pull-down" date is irrelevant to them. Like many British publications, they arrive in the U.S. shortly after they are issued, irregularly and subject to the whims of various distributors. The distributor I use shipped to ensure a May 30th, 2012 shelf date.

.....Below I'm simply going to list, page by page, the source of each illustration. The citations will begin with the number of the period in brackets. For quick reference, the periods can always be found on this blog's third post (Sept. 11th, 2009), but I'll repeat them here:

  1. [01] Original Period- The Arnold Drake scripts, 1963-1968, plus reprints through 1977; Generally MY GREATEST ADVENTURE and DOOM PATROL Series 1
  2. [02] Gypsy Period 1- Various authors and various titles, 1977-1985; no regular series
  3. [03] Kupperberg Period- Generally the first 18 issues of DOOM PATROL Series 2 plus a variety of specials and crossovers (1986-1988)
  4. [04] Morrison Period- The next 45 issues of DOOM PATROL Series 2 plus various cameos and the DOOM FORCE SPECIAL (1989-1992)
  5. [05] Pollack Period- The final 24 issues of DOOM PATROL Series 2 plus THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE and other Vertigo short stories (1993-1994); also includes Wilderness Years (1995-2000) during which the characters' continuity status was vague and disputed by both fandom and editors
  6. [06] Arcudi Period- Series 3 and sparse cameos (2001-2003)
  7. [07] Byrne Period- Six issues of JLA and Series 4 (2004-2005)
  8. [08] Gypsy Period 2- The wake of Infinite Crisis and several sporadic guest appearances (2006-2009)
  9. [09] Giffen Period- Series 5 and some tie-ins (2009-2011)
  10. [10] New 52- Both Gar Logan and Cliff Steele have been given non-Doom Patrol back stories. So far only characters who may be Madame Rouge and Danny The Street have appeared. Names of various Morrison Period elements have been reassigned to unrelated characters and institutions; essentially, there is an editorial directive that the Doom Patrol never has or will exist.
.....The art citations will consist of the period from which it was taken, the title of the comic or book, issue number, cover date (or shelf date for books), page number and panel number (unless it comes from a full page illustration). There are 16 pages, including front and back covers.

Page 01: From [09]DOOM PATROL #10(07/10) page 22
Page 02: Indicia, contents and credits plus detail from [04]DOOM PATROL #50(12/91) pin-ups section page 4.
Page 03: Cover of [09]TP DOOM PATROL: BROTHERHOOD (1/12/12); same art as cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #7(04/10)
Page 03: [09]DOOM PATROL #14(11/10) page 9, panel 3 (Rita w/Karen)
Page 03: [09]DOOM PATROL #13(10/10) page 17, panels 3-6 (bit of origin)
Page 04: [09]DOOM PATROL #13(10/10) page 18, panels 1-5 (bit of origin)
Page 04: [09]DOOM PATROL #13(10/10) page 18, panel 7 (detail, reversed)
Page 04: [01]MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #80(06/63) page 11, panels 1-5
Page 05: [01]DOOM PATROL #95(05/65) page 4, panels 5-6
Page 05: Detail from cover of [01]DOOM PATROL #112(06/67) (w/Brain, Mallah)
Page 05: [01]DOOM PATROL #91(11/64) page 5, panels 4-6 (w/Steve)
Page 06: Detail from cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #3(12/09) (w/Steve)
Page 06: [01]DOOM PATROL #105(08/66) page 15, panels 3-5 (w/Galtry)
Page 06: [01]DOOM PATROL #109(02/67) page 15, panels 3-6 (w/Mandred, identified in the caption as Ultimax)
Page 07: [01]DOOM PATROL #121(09-10/68) page 22
Page 07: [09]DOOM PATROL #6(03/10) page 15, panel 1
Page 08: [08]TEEN TITANS #36(07/06) page 8, panels 2-4 (w/Kid Devil)
Page 08: Detail from cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #9(06/10)
Page 08: [09]DOOM PATROL #5(02/10) (Blackest Night)
Page 09: [09]DOOM PATROL #13(10/10) page 10, panels 1 and 3
Page 09: [09]DOOM PATROL #3(12/09) page 17 (detail)
Page 09: Detail from cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #15(12/10)
Page 10: Cover of [01]DOOM PATROL #108(12/66)
Page 10: [01]DOOM PATROL #108(12/66) page 19, panel 1 (w/Madame Rouge)
Page 10: [01]DOOM PATROL #110(03/67) page 21, panel 3 (w/Mandred)
Page 10: Detail from cover of [01] DOOM PATROL #110(03/67) (w/Brain, Galtry)
Page 10: [01]DOOM PATROL #110(03/67) page 24, panel 3
Page 11: [09]DOOM PATROL #2(11/09) page 18, panel 4 and page 19, panel 2
Page 11: [09]DOOM PATROL #4(01/10) page 6, panel 4
Page 11: Cover of [09]TP WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE (6/9/10); same or similar art to standard cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #1(10/09)
Page 11: [09]DOOM PATROL #5(02/10) page 17, panel 1
Page 11: Detail from cover of [09]DOOM PATROL #2(11/09)
Page 12: (Galtry) [01]DOOM PATROL #109(02/67) page 16, panel 1 (detail, reversed)
Page 12: (Steve Dayton) [09]DOOM PATROL #3(12/09) page 16, panel 2
Page 12: (Negative Man) [09]DOOM PATROL #3(12/09) page 3, panel 3 (detail)
Page 13: (Beast Boy) Detail from cover of BEAST BOY #4(04/00)
Page 13: (The Chief) [09]DOOM PATROL #21(06/11) page 4, panel 6 (detail, reversed)
Page 13: (Robotman) [09]DOOM PATROL #5(02/10) page 22 (detail from montage)
Page 14: (Black Canary) [01]GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW #82(02-03/71) page 11 (detail from montage) and page 12, panels 1-2
Page 14: (Elasti-Girl) [09]DOOM PATROL #14(11/10) page 3 (detail from splash)
Page 14: (Thunder) [non-DP story, probably from OUTSIDERS]
Page 15: (Shrinking Violet) Cover of [05]LEGIONNAIRES #34(02/96)
Page 15: (Giganta II) [non-DP story, probably WONDER WOMAN and not one of her later appearances in the ATOM series]
Page 16: Preview of issue #106 of the Eaglemoss series.

Hopefully I can get the second list of sources out by next week.

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