Monday, August 6, 2012

Airing out the summer house

.....So, the moral of the story is "don't use the new Blogger interface"? Assuming that this post indeed posts then it will the first one readers have seen in a while but not the first one I've done in that time. A few here and on my other blogs (the music ones) were typed up and, when I hit 'publish', apparently evaporated. At first, when I tried to read them (to make sure I was controlling the font properly in the new set-up) and they weren't on the home page I wondered if I had posted to the wrong blog by mistake. No such luck. I've been trying to reconstruct them from memory but have scrapped that idea and decided to return to my original concept of documenting and reviewing the Doom Patrol's history. Until I know for certain that the glitches are ironed out I'll be writing from organized notes only, which means things should be informative, albeit drier than usual.

.....As of August 7th the above paragraph still appears as it was saved and this font I am now typing has not been enlarged (something that used to be a common problem when I had to save a post midway through and return to it later-- the continuation would appear in edit mode as a larger and frequently different font, requiring time consuming methods to change it). For the foreseeable future, we might be good to go.


  1. So there are problems with the new interface? I haven't been using it yet and won't til they force it. Glad to have seen this, since I'll save stuff before I try to post it.

  2. Since I've had problems (mostly two months ago) Blogger has altered the Dashboard notice about the upcoming change. It doesn't refer to any problems, corrections or the length of time this has been in the works (which is considerable; I've lost track of how long the previous notice alerted us to the 'imminent' change but it feels like it's been nearly a year). It could be that the problems I had were specific to some combination of keys or commands I employed and were easily corrected by programmers once exposed. Announcing them across the Blogger user community after correcting them would just cause more confusion than informed use, I'd guess.

    One very odd thing I noticed on the post following this is that on several occasions words I wrote in boldface type (which I choose to signify comic book series' titles) kept reverting to standard type during the composing/editing process. I had to keep going back and retyping the titles in boldface. In my more paranoid moments it felt like someone was trying to hint that I should do shorter posts.