Monday, June 13, 2011

Technical Failure

.....NOTICE: THE POST MENTIONED BELOW HAS BEEN RESTORED. It was eventually posted June 21st, 2011 and has a byline of June 12th, on the page prior to this one. You can access it by clicking on "Older Post" below or by using the archives on the left. Sorry for the delay.

.....I'm publishing this purely as a test. The post I intended to publish was only partially saved. I've just tried to restore several paragraphs of missing text and noticed that it was not saving what I was writing. If it publishes this short post, then I will know if, tomorrow, it will be worth my time to recreate the entire post in a single extended writing session and publish it without first saving it.


  1. That happened to me yesterday as well. This might cheer you up. DP is appearing in Tiny Titans

  2. I noticed. Mallah used to appear in the early issues. I'm even happier to see that Doug hasn't given up on the blog.

  3. Sorry to hear of your tech problems. And a very belated thanks (mea culpa) for your helpful suggestions on me being able to post comments on my own follower's comments... I think I got that going now. Still can't seem to get the photo avatars of the "followers" to show up though.
    DP Forever!

  4. Thanks, r/e. The problems mentioned above cleared up a couple of days ago but I've been caught up in some 'offline' work. I had hoped to get my writing out of the way before that. Here in the northeast, everything's stopped for the Stanley Cup and Father's Day is tomorrow. If I can put the finishing touches on the last 'Retro' installment I'll be spending every free moment after that on my revised Cramps compilation suggestions. If the music selections over at Roads Of Autumn Dusk are any indication, you'll probably want to check that out. If it helps, I'll mention it here when I get back. The old, outdated compilation listing can be found by clicking on "LGC: So, What Kind..." on the left side of this page. A full discography was done on my neglected Livejournal page, also under 'pblfsda'. FYI.