Saturday, February 6, 2010

DP09-AA Giffen Period synopsis

.....[As of this writing, the Giffen period is roughly six months old and plans have been announced for its first trade collection, "We Who Are About To Die", to be released later this year. For obvious reasons it is impossible to analyze the work this early in the game. What can be said is that the series' early momentum was undercut somewhat by the need to participate in the DCU crossover "Blackest Night" in issues #4(01/10)- #5(02/10). Although the default background mood for any good Doom Patrol series dovetails nicely with the premise of "Blackest Night", and it did here, it can't avoid putting numerous subplots aside for the duration. This entry will necessarily be updated when it is seen how, if at all, those plot elements are resolved.]

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