Friday, April 27, 2018

Spinner Memorial Part 7: "¿Gracias, Por Nada?"

A funny thing happened after the previous post, one month ago. That same week, the release date of DOOM PATROL #11 had been moved from April 4th to 11th, as noted in the post. The following week, when all the new scheduling adjustments were announced, I was told that its date had been moved from April 18th to 25th-- without having been moved from the 11th to the 18th. The rest of the month has been been far more straightforward:

  • April 4th-- SHADE THE CHANGING WOMAN #2 ships (it was delayed two weeks in my market, I'm guessing due to distributor error)
  • April 11th-- ETERNITY GIRL #2 ships
  • April 25th-- MOTHER PANIC: GOTHAM A.D. #2 ships
  • April 25th-- the trade paperback collecting BUG, THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER ships
  • April 25th-- DOOM PATROL #11 ships
  • The cancellation listings for May announces that the second trade of Young Animal DOOM PATROL issues ("NADA") has been cancelled for purposes of resolicitation. This is not so shocking, since it was originally meant to include issues #7-12 until the conclusion to the story was rewritten into #11. However, neither issue #12 or "NADA" are in the current catalog for comics shipping in July and trades expected for August (mostly).
Bear in mind that Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May. Check now to see if your preferred retail location is planning any sales tied to it and make your want lists ahead of time. Good luck.

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